View and Print a List of All Your Fonts
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Do you have hundreds of fonts on your computer? Ever tried to find that one particular font you needed but you don't remember the font name?

Instead of searching and scrolling through hundreds of font names, you can now view all of your fonts right on the screen.

All My Fonts will catalogue all of the TrueType TTF fonts that are currently installed on your computer and display them on your screen with a text sample. You can choose to view the displayed text samples in normal, bold, italic, strike-thru, or underline. You can also set the displayed font size from 4 points up to 144 points.

If you want a printed copy of the text samples for quick reference, it's as easy as clicking the Print button. If you don't like the text sample of A-Z, 0-9, you can type in your own text and display or print all of your fonts in your own text.

Does this sound too easy? It really is! Download a free trial of All My Fonts to find out for yourself.